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Prepositions "in, on, at"

By James Rice & Dianne

  • Release Date: 2013-05-02
  • Genre: Langues étrangères


Understanding Prepositions is a detailed study of  how to use "in", "on" and "at" developed for teachers and students of ESL.
This book can be used for English learners in the classroom or as a self-study book for non-native speakers. 

Connect Minibooks is a series of ESL workbooks that are very different from your normal textbook.

In this interactive book you will get:

- video tutorial lessons about Prepositions of Place, Time and Location from qualified ESL teachers about how and when to use each verb form
- video tutorial on pronunciation tips with these verb forms
- fun and interactive exercises for students and teachers to use
- listening and reading material to check understanding
- over 50 interactive practice exercises
- and much more!